January 2008 Volume Two Issue One

Venusian Girls are Better - Joanne Merriam

Their eyelids at half-mast, they're hard to discern.
Their pelt flows lavalike
with metallic colors.
Me, I like the red ones best,
with their limbless
glide, their stern profile,
though Pete says the blues are more
human girls. They burn

your meals and fail to keep the house,
but then
you didn't come here for domesticity.
Your watery softness and
makes of you a marvel. The attention's
fantastic, and you'll get
used to what they smell
like. Human girls, they burn

with impatience and
make no end of trouble;
Venusian girls don't seem to yearn for
Beautiful, but you'll soon learn not to touch,
when the droplets of
fool's gold
scorch away your skin.
Like human girls, they burn.

- END -

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