MacAllister Stone has more time than sense, and thought head-wrangling an online magazine would be the perfect cure for that situation. She attended Viable Paradise X in October of 2006. Editor in Chief of Absolute Write, she can often be found on the Absolute Write forums. She blogs sporadically at Stones In the Field.

Dawn O'Bryan quotes Terry Pratchett at every opportunity, is a devoted fan of old Buffy episodes, and works entirely too hard for any one human being.

Unique Material avoids the limelight whenever possible. She elected not to supply a witty biography for this page, so her doting editor-in-chief elected to make something up.

Unique began reading while still in the womb, and has been happily devouring text ever since. In the intervening years between then and now, Unique has enjoyed a wide and varied range of careers from circus mentalist to world-acclaimed neurosurgeon. She kindly volunteers her special powers in the Service of Good, several hours a week.

Lisa Abbate is a freelance technical and business editor and writer. She has written and edited thousands of pages in a cross-section of industries, and managed and mentored software writers in the technology sector. She interviews literary agents and editors for Absolute Write, edits novels for Double Dragon Publishing, and is at work on her own novel. She is proud to have copyedited Stories of Strength. She was voted in the top 10 for Best Editor for 2005 on Preditors and Editors.

When she is not reading or writing, Lisa is biking the main streets and back roads of Boston and Maine, or eating cake to make up for it. She has never had gangrene, nor has she ever won the lottery. As far as she knows, she has never had an out-of-body experience, but she keeps trying.

Bartholomew Klick is a horrible Goblin-Toad we keep around to clean up messes that no one else wants to touch. He frightens us at night, muttering about all the things in life he'd like to eat, but has never been able to kill. He claims to be a writer of some sort, but we know the truth: he actually lives beneath a bridge on the Missouri River, coming out into the sunshine only to ensure that everyone who crosses pays the toll.

His first published story, Photomancer, is expected to appear in the Fall 2007 issue of Coyote Wild.

B. A. Tyler lives and writes in her own little world. Surprisingly, her world looks a lot like small town America and is filled with several unlikely characters that claim to be relatives. DNA results are pending.

Bart Allen attended Viable Paradise X in 2006 and has never quite returned.  These days, he works in a comedy factory.  He reads and writes fiction, especially fairy-tale retellings, alternate and secret history, and magical realism.  He plays keyboard instruments, sometimes in exchange for barbecue.  He invents desserts.  He believes urban fantasy fans should have a list of favorite cities--a few of his are Paris, Memphis, Seattle, Boston, Hong Kong, and Little Rock.  He would like to meet you at a science fiction convention and offer you good chocolate.  He keeps an online journal.