February 2008 Volume Two Issue Two

Triumph XVIII: Maya - Shweta Narayan

In daylight, what we saw was what we knew;
But now a slivered moon reveals the night
Fire casts shadows, paints us all askew
And we know hearing matters more than sight.

We laughed at tales, but now we're not so sure.
We heard them as we hear the shadowed wild;
As we hear Fenrir howling at the door
As we know Yama is but Chayya's child.

Can your light bulb kill the lurking fey?
Kitsune's scream might be a child by dawn
But now, I dare you: brush the dark away.
Convince yourself that it is truly gone.

Magic will contrive, in fog or fen,
And shifter's realms are etched with Soma's pen.

- END -

Shweta says of herself, "I have a story published in the Journal of Mythic Arts, and others forthcoming in Shimmer magazine and The Beastly Bride anthology (ed. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling). My first publication, 'The Doctrine of the Arbitrariness of the Sign', appears in Issue 0 of GUD Magazine. I attended the 2007 Clarion workshop, for which I received the Octavia Butler Memorial Scholarship for writers of color."

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